Developer Account. Build a high-quality app or game

Developer Account. Drive long term success by improving key app quality components including content, user experience and technical performance

Add depth to your app

Provide the right type and amount of content in your app to nurture a growing user base

  • Help your app stand out from the crowd by providing a unique or innovative solution, use case, and experience
  • Respect local cultural norms with regional pricing and other launch tips for markets around the world
  • Connect users and drive deeper engagement by nurturing communities and encouraging user-generated content
  • Leverage Google Play’s closed or open testing infrastructure to build out your features with feedback from real users
  • Maximize your reach with global audiences by localizing your app strings and store listings with our translation services

Release with confidence

Make your app launch a success with tools and strategies to help you publish, manage, and distribute your app worldwide

Troubleshoot before launch

Robust testing tools and pre-launch reports help you identify technical issues so you can address them before your app is released

  • Quickly share app bundles and APKs with up to 100 testers for initial quality assurance checks using internal testing
  • Get early feedback on new or updated builds of your app from a wider set of trusted testers using closed testing
  • Gather private feedback from a large group by surfacing your app’s test version on Google Play with open testing
  • Learn about your app’s stability, performance, and more with pre-launch reports or use Firebase test lab for additional options
  • Plan and prepare for app review times, as certain categories of apps may be subjected to longer review times
  • Stay up to date on Google Play policies to avoid violations in policy status

Grow your audience

Accelerate your user growth with our reporting and optimization tools, including unique market insights exclusive to Google Play

Drive engagement and user retention

Keep users coming back for more with our engagement tools and insights